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Service and warranties – BioSolution.pl

Service and warranties

Congratulations on your decision! We guarantee the smooth operation of the products used, for the purposes intended, according to the working conditions and as described in the manual and general warranty terms and conditions (OWG).

If you need to use the warranty service or obtain additional information, please contact BioSolution service at: +48-22 631 25 48 or send an e-mail to: serwis@biosolution.pl.

All claims or entries should be submitted on the Warranty Claim Form.


The warranty offered applies to lighting products manufactured by BioSolution and is fully executed during the warranty period in accordance with the General Conditions of Guarantee. BioSolution guarantees quality and ensures that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase, for a basic period of 24 months. Individual arrangements between the Buyer and BioSolution may extend the warranty period on separate conditions both as to its length or scope of coverage.

If, during the warranty period, as calculated from the date of purchase, any defects are revealed in the product and are found to result from defective materials, or are due to improper workmanship or faulty product operation, we are committed to repairing or replacing the defective product or the damaged parts. If the repair is impossible or would mean excessive cost, we reserve the right to replace the damaged part(s) of the product, the entire product, or its part, with a new or refurbished one(s). All replaced parts and products become the property of BioSolution.

Post-warranty service.

Bio Solution’s products are made with special care and attention to every detail so that they can be of service for many years. In view of the above and our concern for our users beyond the standard warranty period, we offer a full, post-warranty service. Each customer can expect continued support after the warranty period has expired and any repairs to Bio Solution’s products to make them fully operational will be made in accordance with the technological process.

Management of waste electrical and electronic equipment

BioSolution’s products should be disposed of in accordance with the regulations, currently applicable, concerning environmental protection. Unusable electrical appliances are recyclable waste and must not be disposed of in any container ear-marked for other waste; this is usually indicated by the depiction of a waste-basket which has been struck through. Spent lamps should be returned to the appropriate collection point or directly to the manufacturer where they will be accepted free-of-charge; the address is available on the website. The correct disposal of electrical and electronic equipment ensures the protection of valuable natural resources and protects them from the negative effects of improperly disposed waste. BioSolution, as a lighting manufacturer, introduces equipment onto the market in accordance with the regulations (Act on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, dated 29 July 2005; Legal Journal of 2005 No. 180, item 1495) In compliance with the Act, BioSolution is further obliged to organise and finance a system for the collection and recycling of used equipment. BioSolution performs all tasks, both in-house and on the basis of separate agreements, by specialist entities. We are registered in the Register of Companies and Organisations Re-cycling Electrical and Electronic Equipment maintained by the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection under number E0017382WZ.

Lamp housing and most lamp components are made of aluminium which can be easily and efficiently recycled.

Together, we care about the environment!