Lighting audit

Professional analysis of the current situation in the area of energy consumption before modernization of infrastructure is a very important process on the way to optimizing investments.

BioSolution’s activity is not limited to the design and production of lighting solutions. We also provide professional analysis services of the current state of the lighting system installed at the client’s. Each time we emphasize that a well-executed audit enables optimization of lighting infrastructure ensuring reliable functioning and customer satisfaction as well as obtaining full knowledge about the lighting operation parameters and possible savings in the future. At the same time, at the stage of modernization, it is possible to implement various complementary solutions that bring measurable benefits.

The offer of energy audit (including lighting) will allow you to gain extensive knowledge in each of the stages, which are briefly described below.


Analysis of the current state of infrastructure

Assessment of technical condition and operation of infrastructure as well as general assessment of technical condition of devices and installations. The consequence of the works will be the determination of the necessary works regardless of energy-saving problems (eg condition of technical wear, inefficient automatics or improper use). Based on the actions taken, including the local vision, the causes of excessive energy consumption are sought resulting from the matter of the facility and its installation as well as from improper operation. Evaluation of the energy efficiency of the system, which is influenced by a number of partial parameters, depending on the type of energy source and the way it is used, the location and type of devices, how to regulate and control or the size of losses. The values are determined on the basis of documentation, local vision or tests and measurements. All activities are aimed at determining energy consumption and costs.


Verification of accepted parameters

Based on the assessment of the current state of infrastructure, formal and legal regulations as well as user expectations, it is possible to prepare assumptions for modernization. The obtained parameters will be compared with the actual energy consumption and operating costs in previous representative periods. In case when the adopted model of the object (including technological systems) does not correspond to reality, appropriate adjustments are made, and if necessary, additional tests and measurements so that the modernization proposal would not only be effective but above all useful.


Review and suggestion of possible technical and organizational solutions

Development of possible improvements and undertakings that will result in a reduction of operating costs and thus energy consumption. The audit proposes specific solutions, selected on the basis of broad market knowledge and expertise in each of the areas under consideration.


Definition of investment expediture

Using the available market offer and developed assumptions for the modernization of infrastructure and, if available, other documents, including cost estimates, the expected financial outlays for each project are set in the form of a simplified cost estimate.


Calculation of project efficiency

Calculation of energy consumption savings that result from the implementation of individual projects is a key element of the audit. The limitation of the costs incurred, i.e. the difference in fees for energy collected after the improvement is implemented, affects the profitability of the investment. The elaborated parameters of the energy effect (energy saving) and thus the ecological one about the reduction of harmful gas emissions while demonstrating economic efficiency are the key data for making a decision on the implementation of the undertaking.


Economic analysis

Every investment in energy efficiency, apart from the obvious effects of reducing energy consumption, must guarantee economic efficiency (profitability). The purpose of the economic analysis is to rank the projects from the most to the least profitable ones. The analysis consists in comparing the costs and profits (savings) of the assessed investment based on calculated indices (including SPBT, NPV, IRR also with the criteria for energy-saving investments CCE, CCC).


Definition of the recommended scope of the work

Selection of the optimal range of work, the implementation of which is profitable. The selection of the scope of the undertaking is based mainly on economic criteria, however, the reasons of usability or user expectation (eg safety of use, functionality, etc.) are not insignificant.

We encourage our clients to perform an audit before starting the modernization of lighting (most of the domestic and EU assistance programs absolutely require an audit as a basic condition). The common goal of the audit is to identify the optimal solution.

For more information on auditing lighting, please contact us directly at +48 22 631 25 48 or via an e-mail to a dedicated e-mail address


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