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Biosolution – the light of the future

Economical, ecological, maintenance-free LED lighting

Biosolution – the light of the future

Economical, ecological, maintenance-free LED lighting

Biosolution – the light of the future

Economical, ecological, maintenance-free LED lighting

About us

BioSolution Sp. z o.o. was established in 2010. Since its inception it has specialised in designing and manufacturing lighting in LED technology. The main area of activity is focussed on the use of new technologies in the design and construction of efficient and reliable lighting. All our solutions are designed in Poland. Each of our solutions is subjected to many tests and examinations followed by certification which gives our customers a guarantee of system security. We strive to design every detail with care and attention to functionality, usability and reliability. In addition to our own mechanical designs for lighting casings and optimal cooling systems for semi-conductors, we develop our own solutions for electronics and the control and management of lighting. All our activities ensure our competitive advantage in the fast growing and highly competitive LED lighting market.

In our products we use diodes (LED High Power) which have revolutionised the lighting industry. Thanks to the technology applied and the appropriate selection of sub-contractors and suppliers, we construct reliable, high quality lighting products. Our products are characterised by an innovative system for cooling semi-conductor components, that is modules with LED diodes, which ensure optimal thermal conditions of the work and thus the lifetime and luminous efficiency of LED luminaires.

The effective and reliable use of LED light sources in lighting has improved the energy balance and construction of an energy-efficient, lighting infrastructure has become a reality. Our range of products, always appropriately selected for the lighting infrastructure in question, justifies each modernisation, both on economic and technical grounds.

Our activity is not solely limited to designing lighting solutions. We also provide professional analysis of the current state of the lighting installed at the customer’s premises. We always emphasise that a well-executed audit optimises the lighting infrastructure and ensures reliable operation and customer satisfaction.

Our basic offer is supplemented by the design and production of lighting products and systems according to the customer’s specifications and individual expectations. We are ready to implement difficult design tasks which require specialised knowledge and good research facilities.


Industrial Lamps
Specialist Lamps
Street Lamps
Internal Lamps

Service and warranties

Congratulations on your decision! We guarantee the smooth operation of the products used, for the purposes intended, according to the working conditions and as described in the manual and general warranty terms and conditions (OWG).

If you need to use the warranty service or obtain additional information, please contact BioSolution service at: +48 22 631 25 48 or send an e-mail to serwis@biosolution.pl.

All claims or entries should be submitted on the Warranty Claim Form.


The warranty offered applies to lighting products manufactured by BioSolution and is fully executed during the warranty period in accordance with the General Conditions of Guarantee. BioSolution guarantees quality and ensures that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase, for a basic period of 24 months. Individual arrangements between the Buyer and BioSolution may extend the warranty period on separate conditions both as to its length or scope of coverage.



Modernisation of lighting and the implementation of new investment on the basis of energy-efficient LED lighting, manufactured by BioSolution, has very high potential to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

We offer our Clients the option to individually finance their investment in lighting. The financial parameters of the offer include the energy efficiency acquired plus economic efficiency as well as the Client’s individual potential. Each implemented project funded by such a third-party finance model (TPF) makes repayment possible from savings on electricity costs and operating costs. The solution offered for the financing of the investment does not require any additional funds from the Client or any initial fees or hidden indirect costs.

The business model offered provides comprehensive expert services in the field of energy efficiency in order to guarantee energy savings and reduced costs to customers. Such activity is carried out further to two basic models. (1) The first is for external financing of the total investment with the aim of improving energy efficiency by a third party. (2) The second model is based on sharing the benefits of energy savings between the external company and the entity in which such investment is made. Under this model, we provide investment financing, either through own capital (BioSolution Financial Services Sp. z o.o.) or by external capital. We know our products and our abilities. Years of experience have taught us how to evaluate and assess each project. Therefore, we are confident of taking on the financial risk of the project. Our profit from the project is correlated with the Client’s profit and consists of savings in energy consumption and maintenance costs. During the term of the contract, the customer pays for the investment and the costs of service without incurring any costs associated with maintaining equipment under the contract.

Upon termination of the contract, the Client enjoys total savings in the form of lower energy bills.

This model of investment financing can be particularly beneficial for local government units (LGUs). It does not require the involvement of own resources or limit their involvement. At the same time, it is possible to benefit both from the realisation of investments aimed at improving energy efficiency – and therefore benefitting from having a financial input- and also allows investment in infrastructure without the provision of a new budget. It also limits financial risk since the investment risk is borne by BioSolution.

For more information about the lighting audit, please contact us directly by phone:  +48 22 6312548 or via e-mail to the dedicated email address: finansowanie@biosolution.pl

Lighting audit

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A professional analysis of the current situation in energy consumption, prior to undertaking modernisation of any infrastructure, is a very important process on the way to the optimisation of your investment. An essential step, prior to investment, is the obtainment of a full picture of the current situation, possible solutions, results achieved and the costs of activities. Based on this data, it is possible to take adequately appropriate decisions.

An energy audit offer, inclusive of lighting, allows extensive knowledge to be gained at each of the stages implemented, as is described briefly below.


Many years of experience in the production of professional lighting fixtures and a very large number of installations have allowed us to collect many references from our Clients. All the work entrusted to us is carried out with the utmost care and can serve as its own reference for future projects. Our work speaks for itself..!
Selected references are available on our website. Customer satisfaction is one of our main goals and the motivation for further development and work on new projects.

The entire catalogue of the references granted is available on request.

BioSolution Sp. z o.o.

E. Tyszkiewicza 21

01-157 Warszawa


BioSolution Sp. z o.o.

Kolejowa 19

01-217 Warszawa


tel. 22 631 25 48, fax. 48 22 631 25 78, e-mail: biuro@biosolution.pl

NIP 5222961530, REGON: 142578826, KRS: 0000365490, GIOS: E0017382WZ
Sąd Rejonowy dla m.st. Warszawy w Warszawie, XII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego.

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